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Welcome to ghost paradise.

Hey there! I'm huge supernatural, teen wolf and vampire diaries fan, so this blog will be mostly about supernatural boys, woof woof gang, some klaroline, originals and stuff. I like doing videos, so check the "links" if you want to see some. Also I love to help people,so if you need something - just ask.

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make me choose: crystalsreed & anon asked lydia martin or malia tate.

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The one where Dean is tumblr.

i don’t watch supernatural can someone please explain are they talking about supernatural on supernatural i don’t understand




Filming of the Pilot (&)

#i feel    #so weird    #they were strangers here guys    #they had no idea who the other was they were two random guys    #filming the first episode of some show    #god   

complete strangers and then 3 episodes in we get this

Fun fact: In between filming the pilot and the second episode, Jared and Jensen got jumped outside a bar and pretty much literally saved each others lives.

This is what I imagined happened immediately after:


damnyounemeton asked: Sheriff Stilinski or Melissa McCall

What do you think will happen to us on the lunar eclipse? They last for hours, you know, because it’s just the Earth’s shadow. I wonder what will happen to us, maybe it’ll make us stronger. I hope it’ll make us stronger.

make me choose » anonymous asked: erica reyes or cora hale?


Dean + being a dork