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Welcome to ghost paradise.

Hey there! I'm huge supernatural, teen wolf and vampire diaries fan, so this blog will be mostly about supernatural boys, woof woof gang, some klaroline, originals and stuff. I like doing videos, so check the "links" if you want to see some. Also I love to help people,so if you need something - just ask.

What I like
My videos.


Allison’s dead. I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too.

flowers for allison • day six
one underrated moment

Dean & Showers


Happy!Dean Appreciation Week: Day 1.

Favorite Smile(s).

make me choose | anonymous asked me
stydia or scallision

We’re just a bunch of teenagers. We can’t handle this.(insp.)


Allison Argent Appreciation Week  ±  Day 1: Season/Arc you loved most (3A)

We’re going to have a new code. 
nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux mêmes.

I wish that I could witness
All your joy and all your pain
But until my moment comes
I ’ l l   s a y

it’s just i’d rather be causing the chaos
than laying at the sharp end of this knife

"Take me or leave me."

The Supernatural Fandom


Fandom at the beginning of the episode


Fandom at the end of the episode


The writers




Top Ten TV characters: [2/10] Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf


We missed you